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[4:39 pm]
Well, my brother has shingles. Not a very pleasant thing to have.

On a side note, it's Friday. I hope to work on some graphic stuff this weekend if the chance arises. Also, I plan on finishing Eldest. Too bad I have to wait until the third and final book is released. Stupid series...

[4:46 pm]
That was some storm the other night. Wish it lasted longer though. Finished Eragon. As the critics said, smacks of Tolkienism, but who cares? Still a great book series IMO. Movie looks like it will be good also.

[11:39 am]
The day is going too god damn slow. I'm listening to Stroker and Hoop in the background while doing my data entry thing.

Tonight is a new Avatar and Season finale of Stargates.

Kick ass.

[11:51 pm]
I've been feeling pretty dumpy lately. On an unrelated note, been waiting for a phone call that will prolly never come.

Go here for some laughs: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=LittleKuriboh
His videos are hilarous.

[10:43 am]
In the course of my work at.. work, I came across this, which I thought was interesting. Too lazy to put it in a cut, sorry:

Rick Greenberg called me drom Chicago dept of revenue. He said he could explain the overhead. Basically the IDOT has come in and audited their books, and have agreed that they need to charge a certain percentage above their rates for the City to break even. The state has approved it and their legal dept looks to recover it. I asked then if they are not breaking even why do they not adjust their hourly rate. The way they have it right now they are basically saying that my insd owes them for their cost of running the city and not just to fix the pole.

I then asked why there was overhead on the materials. Using the pole as an example it is costs $1270 does it actually cost more. He said no, and then why is there overhead. He said for the hammers and tools use to put it up. Then he needs to show me the age of the tools used because their decpreciation needs to be factored in.

They are going to pursue the full amount of the invoice. Advised that my insd and us on her behalf do not owe them overhead, but I will try to make this go away. I will consider the overhead for the labor, but not for the materials. I am paying what the pole costs and not factoring in the tools they will be using. I am willing to pay $3,474.69. He asked me to fax that offer over to his attention and he will pass it by the right people to see if it can be accepted.


Funny how Chicago wants more money for shit. Stupid city. Apparently they settled for the $3464.69.

[4:53 pm]
The cancellation of Stargate: SG1 upsets me. It was a good show with good ratings. While it does make some sense to end something after 10 seasons, it still pisses me off.

Weekend is here. I get to leave work in a few minutes. Yay!

[3:54 pm]
Remember kids, "darkness ends the day."

[4:33 pm]
Work's been relatively boring lately. Requires no brain activity, and as a result, I've been feeling so damn sleepy that I feel like I need a nap during the day (been sleeping fine at night). Of course, as soon as I get out of here my energy returns.

Been reading a lot of books lately. I've read two of the Ender's Game series, recentl started another one in the set and finished The City of Ember and The People of Sparks. While the last two are children books (or teen, whatever), they are quite good, and would have been even better if done on a higher level. But I heard they are planning on making a movie out of The City of Ember, so it must be pretty popular.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately (that happens when the mind is bored), and decided a lot of people I know (or knew for that matter) are selfish. I see people who use others all the time, who think only of themselves, and nothing for others, and it really pisses me off. People who take and never give aren't the worst. People who take, and never give back thinking that they are, are the worst. Self indulgant and diluted. We are all like this at one point in our lives. I was when I was younger. But I realized in my early teens that I hated being that way, so I do my best not to. That's why I give and rarely take. Of course, there may be some deep, psychological reasons for that, who knows. I have my own theories, but they are of no importance.

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been able to catch up on my lj. Been rather busy and distracted. Glad to hear about your pants though Tori. Truth be told, you're a bad reminder of Mike, who's a bad reminder of you, etc, etc, etc.

Sigh. Life is just a never-ending cycle of utter crap.

[6:13 pm]
New job isn't as bad as it started off as. Apparently, I caught on so fast, that I did a lot of the backed up work on wednesday that there was much less work to do today. What happened was the girl who started on monday didn't show up on tuesday, and the guy who started on tuesday (there's supposed to be 2 of us), left after an hour because of "too much standing".

BUT.... I got an email back from a hotel I applied to yesturday for a supervisor position asking to set up an interview. While I didn't want to stay in the hospitality industry, I was willing to if I could find something above entry-level, which this is. I'll keep the few people who still read this informed when I find out more.

Stay safe!

[5:05 pm]
Start my new job tomorrow. Mon-Fri, 8:30-5:00. Not sure of all the details, but it's something at least. Will keep everybody informed.

[2:36 pm]
Not much going on. Sending out resumes. Being a bum. Still unemployed. Don't want to get unemployment, but I might have to. At least I'm sleeping better.

[10:51 pm]
I got woken up today at 2:21 pm with a call from the new manager at my work. All he really said was that the company was "terminating my employment". Needless to say, the combination of being woken up suddenly and hearing those was a bit of a one-two punch to my fragile sleep-deprived mind, leaving me a bit flabergasted. In typical Tim fashion, I quickly regained my composure, but he couldn't offer me any real explinations and didn't want to hear my words.

I quickly dressed, drove over there, got my paycheck (from the manager who called me, though he didn't mention anything about it to me), asked to speak with the general manager (who not-so-suprisingly wasn't there), and spoke with the assistant gm. She couldn't really offer me anything either, saying I needed to speak with the gm.

Write up #1:
Many months ago, I left my cash drop (a little over $100)in my drawer. It happened because the shift that comes in after me was late, and the morning driver, in his typical behavior, refused to drive someone somewhere he was supposed to, and I got stuck with it. So in all the crap that was going on, I left it in the drawer.

Write up #2:
Someone with a company that stays with us complained about me, saying I was rude to him, that I wouldn't help him when his key wouldn't open the fitness center, and something about I couldn't take him somewhere on the shuttle. While the agm had a voice mail from this guy, she said she deleted it recently. How convenient. Obviously though none of those three things ever happened. But then again, since when has the truth mattered.

Write up #3:
My cash drop was short $12.23. Yeah. Twelve fucking dollars. When I saw that, I was soooooo pissed off. I've seen people there drop under by much more with no penalties. In the end, I decided that I didn't want to sign it (nor did I sign any of the others), and in fact ripped it up into many tiny pieces. I knew it would cause more problems, but at that point, I didn't really care. There's more to my story pertaining to why I didn't care, but I'll save that for perhaps another time. Needless to say, doing that was considered "insubordination" which most likely lead to this.

I haven't been in a very good mood lately. There have been a lot of factors that have contributed to it, most of them my fault entirely. Now I get to add this to my list of problems. My only potential solace is that I can prolly go on unemployment, which will cost them money.

I wish I could get ahold of some of the people I once considered friends...

[7:01 pm]
Have a safe 4th!

[6:31 pm]
Impromptu cookout with Erica's family. Adam is at work (which is a good thing since this shit with Kristine is making him all wierd) and Kristine is off doing who-knows-what/who. Was supposed to start at 5. Her rents came by at 6. Erica and Elizabeth are no shows, because Elizabeth is having an emotional breakdown. She things her 40something boyfriend (who still lives with mommy) she hasn't had sex with yet (that I know of) is cheating on her (oh, and he used to be her high school teacher).

Tip drawer had 48 bucks in untaxed income tossed in it thanks to the last two days. Should have been more, but there were a lot of cheap fuckers last night. One couple was nice and gave me three dollars and bought me a chocolate chip muffin (which I gave to Rosa because I don't want to eat that kind of crap no matter how yummy it is).

On a side note, I've been contemplating writing some erotic fiction from the stand point of a concierge. The idea's been running through my brain for some time now, thinking of scenarios and such, but the urge hadn't hit me until recently. Dunno if I'll find the time to restart my old craft.

Some guy got robbed by some girls he met on myspace. That's hilarous. Another reason why it's stupid and everybody should come back to lj.

[11:02 am]
I've come to the realization today that I'm very stupid. Actually, I've known for awhile, but I've just hid it well. And to be more accurate, I should say that I've made some very stupid choices in the past few years. And right now it feels like they are all attacking my brain at once, to a point near emotional overload.

Does it make me a bad person that I'm don't really feel bad for him that his girlfriend might be pregnant? It is, after all, entirely his fault. After that last major fight they had about three months ago, he should have dropped her then. It was very close, but everybody knew he'd puss out. And he did. She's his first piece of ass, and he loves her for it, even when she treats him like shit (I call it the Ferris Bueler [sp?] syndrome, since Ferris gave me the line).

Anyways, I have too much on my mental plate to add his to it. I need to do some restructuring in my life, and while I'm at it, figure out how to get this stuff out of my head. It only pops up when things up there are quiet. And with things the way they are in my life right now, it's pretty quiet up there, so my mind misses no opportunities to remind me how I was so stupid to do this, or punish me for doing that. Yadda yadda yadda. I'm not going to get into them, since they will prolly bore you (and make me feel bad).

I'm outie y0's.

[4:20 pm]
Spent the last two days in Madison, WI with Adam and Harry. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it definately wasn't as good as it should have been, seeing as it was Harry's 21st birthday. Hooters, some bars, and the worst ale I've ever had (I hate most ales), I'm back at home, because I need to be at work in 6.5 hours.

On other news, Adam informed me that Kristine might be pregnant. His parents are happy, mainly because they (by they I mean his mom) are crazy and expect to take care of it. Kristine cried herself to sleep two nights in a row, but is okay now. And apparently she got a job at Bananna Republic. Big whoop. I'm not sure how Adam feels about it, I'm sure I'll find out about it later.

July 25th is my one year at work. I'll get my review and raise. Of course, the raise is dependant on the review. But if I don't get the raise, it will cost them more money than they'd realize, since I can control all the rates people pay.

July 21st and 22nd is Reverence 2006 up in Madison. If anybody is interested in joining me in the two day fun fest, let me know, so plans can be made.

[6:19 pm]
Adam's birthday is tomorrow. Harry's is next week. Adam wants to bbq in a forest. He thinks it will be relaxing. I've been telling him it's stupid with the heat and humidity and bugs, and I think it might have worked. Who knows tho. Harry wants to go to Wisconsin to drink. I don't know why he wants to go there. It's easy to drink here. I mean, just hop on the train, get off at any stop, and you'll find plenty of bars to choose from. Oh, and he's turning 21. I personally think that he will have a hard time finding a bar to let him in with an out of state ID saying he just turned 21.

Whatever. This is why my birthdays rock. Cause I don't make people do stupid shit. Hell, I don't usually make people do anything. Not that there's much to do on Dec 29th.

On other news, a lady at work gave me a bottle of wine because I was nice to her.

Myspace is being sued by some lady because her 14 yr old daughter was sexually assaulted by a 19 yr old she met on there. Just another reason why myspace is the degredation of American society.

That, and most of you migrated over there because it's the new "thing".

Shame on you. If you were a real friend, you'd stay on here with me.

[9:20 am]
"Life is a sexually transmitted disease." - Deine Lakaien
Such a powerfully moving voice. Wunderbar is a must listen.

[4:46 pm]
The Omen wasn't a bad movie. It was good, although predictable, even if you've never seen the original. It did do a good job of staying true to the original, and I heard the kid in the original had a part in it. It'll make some girls scream (and some of the weaker men). I found the movie to be rather funny. But I find most horror movies to be funny.

Snakes in the Plane, or whatever it's called, seems so utterly idiotic. What ever happened to Snails in the Elevator or Frogs in the Train? Personally, I think Leeches in the Pants would be a better movie, but what do I know.

[12:24 am]
The 80's music channel at work totally rocks. Pet Shop Boy's "West End Girl" is on right now. Earlier was "She Blinded Me With Science." A huge improvement of the wierd-ass Scottish music that was on a month or so ago.

In other news, I can't miss the REVERENCE 2006 tour in Wisconsin. July 21-22 at some place called Inferno. I shall have to do research to find a close hotel near there. There are only three or so groups there I'm interested in, Android Lust, God Module and Stromkern, but the others might not be too crappy. We'll have to see. Got plenty of time to find out.

Watch out for the flu/cold that's going around. It somehow got me. I should have played the role of the hermit this weekend and forsaken all family. C'est la vie.


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