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29 December
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16volt, alcohol, america, and one, android lust, androids, anime, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, bananas, beborn beton, behind the scenes, bella morte, birmingham 6, blutengel, boondock saints, booze, bread, chains, chicago, claire voyant, clan of xymox, clouds, cobalt 60, computor girl, cover songs, cradle of filth, cuddling, cupid, cyberpunk, cyborgs, darkwave, das ich, depeche mode, digital, dimmu borgir, dope, dreaming, druids, e-craft, ebm, eclipses, electro, electronica, electronics, europe, family guy, fear factory, fridays, front 242, front line assembly, frou frou, frylock, funker vogt, germans, girls, grendel, hanzel und gretyl, hate dept., honda, iced earth, icon of coil, illinois, incognito, industrial, insanity, jake 2.0, jinzo, jockeys, joy division, juno reactor, kinky, klank, kmfdm, lacuna coil, ladytron, laibach, leather, leather strip, love my way, machines, meaningful conversations, megatron, melotron, mesh, metal, mindless self indulgence, ministry, monsters, mp3s, nails, night time, no comment, nocturnal, nukes, obtuse, ohgr, onegai teacher, orgy, pantera, paradise lost, piercings, pirates, planks, plastic, professional murder music, project pitchfork, rammstein, rivetheads, run level zero, s.p.o.c.k., sarah brightman, seabound, shades, shadows, silk, siouxsie, skinny puppy, snake river conspiracy, snog, spikes, stabbing westward, sunglasses, sweet lovin, synth pop, synthpop, tears, teknology, the azoic, the cheat, the cruxshadows, the cure, the last dance, thoushallnot, touching, trees, type o negative, underworld, velvet acid christ, vikings, vnv nation, vodka, wicca, wine, wolfsheim, women, wumpscut, yami, zeta x